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After several years of research and technological development, Again® takes its inspiration from the best of what Nature has to offer, in order to offer a mattress combining optimal breathing with a level of comfort and support rivalling the best on the market.

It all started with a simple but essential observation of Nature. It gives life, creates, evolves, and constantly renews itself. Far from preconceived notions, we have integrated this concept into the heart of our research.

Driven by the will to contribute sustainably to the well-being of the planet, we have succeeded in developing a high-quality mattress which offers a real, eco-responsible alternative.


Mattress certified as top quality by a specialised and independent body


The mattress has a latex layer which ensures its elasticity


Again® is a firm mattress, but with a soft surface that adapts to your morphology.

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For products of equivalent quality, 98% are ready to invest in a mattress containing recycled materials

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