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A unique mattress

Through the superposition of a visco-elastic layer, a layer of agglomerated latex and a layer of polyurethane foam using recycled materials, Again® reconciles Man with Nature in a high-quality mattress.

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The bedding side of the Again® mattress is covered with a Tencel ticking, an ultra-soft and breathable ecological material.

The base layer, made with a memory foam, gives way to form a protective cocoon around the body.

The agglomerated latex layer provides the mattress with elasticity and longevity.

The mattress core is made with a dense and firm agglomerated polyurethane foam, which provides optimal support.

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Perfect body

Dimensions The Again® mattress exists in standard dimensions. Custom measures are also available.
Weight The weight of the Again® mattress varies from 29 kg (80 x 190) to 60 kg (160 x 200). The density of the Again® mattress is a sign of its quality and durability.
Mattress cover The base layer is covered by a non-stitched, 500 gr/m² white TENCEL ticking. Tencel is a soft ecological material, made from softwood cellulosic fibre, eucalyptus or bamboo. This fibre absorbs moisture 1.5 times more than cotton, which translates to a better management of perspiration and a natural barrier against bacteria and mites.

The back side is a non-slip surface.

The base layer Ökotex 1 certified memory foam. By reacting to human body heat and room temperature, this layer softens in order to form a soothing bubble around the body all while supporting it in a homogenous manner.
The intermediate layer This latex layer provides the Again® mattress with its elasticity. The density of the latex has been designed to guarantee a semi-firm to firm comfort mattress.
The mattress core Made from high-density polyurethane, it ensures the support of the sleeper and prevents against all bunching just as well as a pocket spring mattress.
Foundation and use Any flat surface can be used as a frame for your Again® mattress. The optimal comfort of the mattress remains guaranteed regardless of the quality or nature of your foundation.

The Again® mattress only has one sleeping side, so no need to turn it over.

Again® is suitable for all individuals looking for a semi-firm to firm mattress.

10-year guarantee The Again® mattress has been tested by a certified, independent and specialised body. The tests made it possible to simulate conditions of normal use over a period of 10 years. Following this study, the Again® mattress was classified in the “top quality mattress” category!
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