Again - Quality sleep, nature friendly

Infini again

An eco-responsible mattress

For Again®, respect for nature and the environment are not just marketing concepts. They are part of the values ​​that stimulate our research every day.

It’s the very DNA of our approach. This is why we have made strong choices, which reduce environmental impact and guarantee the quality of our teams’ working conditions

Again® is part of an ambitious ecological approach based on the principle of a circular economy, which is founded upon the constant renewal of raw materials.

The Again® mattress core is made from selectively recycled foams. The raw materials used are perfectly integrated into our eco-responsible approach.

All adhesives used between foam layers are guaranteed to be solvent-free, an additional demonstration of our commitment!

Finally, all the components (foams and fabrics) of Again® mattresses have been subjected to tests performed by independent bodies.

Again®, 100% Belgian

Design, conception and fabrication: the set of production processes is managed by our different units, all present on Belgian soil.

100% Belge